ICNMS 2024


Home Venue

ICNMS2024 will be held in Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen.

Address: No. 12-8 Zhenhai Road, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.

The hotel is located in Siming Financial Centre right next to new Line 1 Metro Station Main Terminal, offering easy access to the prosperous Zhong Shan Road Pedestrian Street and within reach of Xiamen’s major business and financial districts. Many other attractions such as Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple, Hong Shan Park, Xiamen Botanic Garden, South Putuo Temple, Xiamen University and Hulishan Fortress are mere minutes away. Other local attractions close to the hotel include China City Mall, Ludu Bar Street, ShaPoWei & ZengCuoAn Bar and Artist Centres.

Xiamen City, considered one of the most pleasant cities in China, is today a symbol of China’s economic success. Formerly called Amoy, the town is formed by Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, and the north bank of the Jiulongjiang River.Today’s visitors to Xiamen come mainly as gateways to the Hakka region, including visiting the famous “tulous” round houses, and visiting Gulangyu Island.The city of Xiamen itself remains pleasant, with an old city still existing with some buildings dating from the period of European presence.

Xiamen Botanical Garden, commonly known as "Wanshi Botanical Garden", is a well-designed botanical garden around the Wanshiyan Reservoir. The park includes more than 20 special gardens and planting areas such as pine and fir garden, rose garden, palm garden, large cactus garden, and orchid garden etc. More than 6,000 tropical and subtropical plants have been cultivated here. The rainforest world and the sandy plant area are especially worth seeing. The fog makes tropical rainforest landscape look like a fairyland. Besides plants, the park also gathers landscapes such as stone carvings, lakes, lawns, temples, etc. From the highest point of the new forest of steles, you could have a scenic view of half of Xiamen Island.

Gulangyu Island is located in the southwest corner of Xiamen Island, facing Xiamen City across the sea. There are both unique hometown customs and delicious Hokkien specialty snacks here. Various exotic buildings make Gulangyu Island more unique. There are Shuzhuang Garden, Sunlight Rock, Haoyue Garden and other popular attractions here. In addition, there are many old buildings with different styles, suitable for walking, daze, and enjoying life quietly. It was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list in July 2017.

Hidden in the downtown, with docks and low houses, Shapowei entails the scene of the old Xiamen. The stone road baptized by the time and the rusty wharf both witness the growth of several generations of Xiamen people. The flavor of old Xiamen has become the reason why young people with artistic talents like to go to Shapowei. In the past, there were many small and medium-sized wharfs, but now it is a destination for food and shopping.